Saturday, June 4, 2011

Motorcycle Awareness Ride

On March 25, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, four riders were killed and five others seriously injured while stopped at a traffic light. They were struck from behind by a large refuse truck. This sad event has touched the hearts of many and reinforced the importance of motorcycle awareness initiatives. The 1st awareness ride was planned in response to this horrific accident.

In honor of all fallen riders and their families, riding groups and clubs across the nation participated in motorcycle awareness rides on May 22.

The Central Jersey Motorcycle Riders Group organized a ride making a loop around central New Jersey mainly on the highway where we could be seen to raise awareness for motorcyclists.  The ride ended at the Brick House Tavern in South Plainfield where everyone enjoyed lunch and camaraderie.

A few pictures at the start of the ride.

A pit stop for gas and a big surprise for the attendant when 33 bikers show up to fill up.  Click on the pictures to enlarge, they are panoramas.

We are a very diverse group of bikers.

Close to the end of the ride I sprint away and head to the Brick House Tavern ahead of the group to film the arrival.  It was only 11:30am and the staff were surprised to see so many bikers on a Sunday morning.

My bike all alone on the huge and empty parking lot.

A few minutes later

 A group shot, I'm the 3rd from the right, black t-shirt.

The arrival of the group.


  1. I remember reading about the incident, I am glad some thing positive has come from it.

  2. Roger:
    It was a terrible tragedy. People in cars/trucks have to realize they can kill people if not careful.

  3. A sad story. I hadn't heard about that. Looks like it was a very good ride. Love the video. Great shots to mark the event! Thanks George!

  4. What a tragedy, but good to see that something has come out of it. You can't do enough to raise motorcycle awareness.
    I really love the gas stop pictures. Nice capture.

  5. Eve:
    Here's one link about the accident:
    It was a nice ride but getting 33 riders to stay together is a little difficult :-)

    I wish the government would run TV campaigns to raise awareness but they are bankrupt :-(
    I love panoramas, but most of the time I forget to get the right pictures to build the panorama.

  6. It must have been difficult keeping all the riders together, especially on urban roads! Great awareness ride, we have them here as well. George haven't you got your Tenere yet?

  7. Andrew:
    Not yet, because of the earthquake and tsunami everything got delayed but just recently received a letter from Yammy saying all bikes will be delivered before the end of August :-) Yepeee, can't wait.

  8. Great cause. What a lot of sensory input in this post. Liked the bike alone at the eating place before the others show up. With my luck it happens the other way around. Thirty people show up right before I get there!

  9. Dear George F:

    I have no idea how I missed this post and regret that I am coming to the party so late. What the industry needs is a "Motorcycle Awareness Year," in which each state governmwnt should be compelled to donate one public service announcement remind drivers to look out for motorcycles — for each stupid campaign commercial or anouncement that is aired.

    Actually, politicians should start a trend in which they air public service announceents instead of stupid self-serving political messages.

    I liked your video...
    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep
    Twisted Roads

  10. Irondad:
    The cook wasn't too happy either, the place had just opened and he had to start full speed :-)

    I agree with you, coming back from Lake George today 3 cars moved into my lane at various times on the parkway withing a few feet of my front wheel, and one asshole even smiled when I went next to him and made the sign "pay attention to the road asshole"
    I put 2 fingers to my visor and then pointed at the road in front of him, the asshole smiled. I Should have given him the 1 finger salute ;-)

  11. Great event. I remember reading about that incident. My mother was none too thrilled as it occurred near her. I enjoyed the video. 33 bikes sure appears quite effective on the roadways. Let's hope some cage drivers were paying attention. Glad you were involved and collecting archive material. :)

    I've seen some of those hi-viz shirts with the "Can you see me now" in our roadway construction shops. Though one more word was appropriately added. ;)


  12. Lori:
    Ha ha, yea, I have seen some bad ones too, I just came back from Americade in Lake George and some of the vendors had really bad stuff on display.