Monday, February 2, 2015

Yamaha XJR 1300

I have dreamed about customizing a motorcycle and do my own interpretation of a Cafe Racer for a long time. I purchased a Suzuki GS850 a while back as the starting point, it's a 4 cylinder carburetor fed engine with a shaft drive. The bike has the stocky look I want in my project.   Unfortunately finances didn't go the way I wanted and with my son graduating from college and my daughter soon going to college I had to put everything on hold.
This is my Suzuki GS850

Yamaha Europe sells the Sports Heritage Range which includes the XJR1300, the model is not sold in the USA.  I think it's a mistake for Yamaha not to offer this model here.  I think it would appeal to a large group of young and old riders that are into customizing motorcycles.  The XJR1300’s slim racer-style fuel tank shows off the aggressive large displacement air-cooled muscular engine.  I love the look of the XJR with it's black 4-2-1 exhaust.

Yamaha created the XJR1300 with the intention of having it customized by the owners.  To help jump start the market for custom parts, Yamaha challenged custom builders from around the world to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform modern Yamaha models into what Yamaha calls ‘Yard Built specials.’  Each builder is then given the opportunity to produce and sell custom aftermarket kits to sell to Yamaha customers.

Various garages around the world took up the challenge and came up with wonderful takes on the XJR design.  Below are some of the offerings.

The Yamaha XJR1300 Monkeefist by the Wrenchmonkees in Denmark

Deus XJR-X by Deus Ex Machina in Italy

Japanese custom bike builder Keinosuke ‘Keino’ Sasaki stunning XJR1300.

The Eau Rouge XJR1300 by Deus Ex Machina in Italy


  1. Great project, I wish I could do such but lack of talent, space and tools prevent me from doing so. I very much like the Wrenchmonkees version. Go for it!

    1. I would Sonja if I had the money now, it will have to wait.

  2. I would love to build a café racer with a sidecar. I simply don't have the space for storage.

    btw, I just noticed that the Gathering of the Nortons is April 19. I am looking forward to attend.

    1. I will most likely be there for the gathering of the Nortons, I go every year. Look for my Super Tenere

  3. There's something to be said for having a project to look forward to as well. Good luck with it, whenever it gets underway.

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