Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Owning a Motorcycle

Just read this funny article about "6 Things Nobody Tells You About Owning a Motorcycle" and sadly it's funny and so true at the same time.   I'm sure everyone has done a long day's ride fully covered in ATGATT only to feel all stinky at the end of the day due to heat, rain, bugs or whatever was sent your way as you rode down the road.   I think this part pretty much summarizes that feeling:

But hey, sometimes you ride in the sun, and that's great! The open road, the warm summer air, and the heat ... oh God, the heat. A great deal of bikes, like mine, are air cooled. No radiator. So they're only really cooling down while you're in motion.  When you're stopped (say, at one of those lights that doesn't recognize  your existence) they're just radiating that heat upward, which happens  to be right where your genitals are trapped. Aside from sterility and  ball-burns, this also creates a nice pool of junk sweat. But don't  worry: It will eventually evaporate into the rest of your clothing  and skin, leaving you smelling like the floor of a teenager's bedroom  for the rest of the day.

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  1. Funny article. Thank you for the link. Where was that photo of the road taken? Nevada or Utah?

  2. Dear George F. :

    That was a very funny article... And I hate frigging spiders.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  3. Richard:
    First picture is West of Salt Lake City on I80 along the Salt Flats, I was going to the Bonneville Salt Flats, one of the locations that "was" on my bucket list :-) The second picture is in Wendover on the Utah side. There's lots more pictures here on day 5 and 6 of my cross country trip.

  4. Jack:
    I had that happen to me, I was riding and saw a spider walking down in front of my eyes inside my visor, luckily I'm not afraid of spiders, I pulled to the side of the road, opened the visor and killed her with the glove, no panic :-)
    I had my visor open when I was crossing Nevada because of the heat, luckily I was wearing glasses, when a huge grasshopper struck me and got lodged in my forehead dead center, its legs were left twitching in front of my glasses, goo all over my helmet and glasses, luckily I don't panic, just continued down the road until I could pull to the side.

  5. Great read, was pretty funny. I though the bird building a nest so quick was hilerious. Now how are plans for the tenare?

  6. Roger:
    What else can I say, "I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY TENERE", sorry about the shouting, maybe Yamaha will hear me ;-) It's expected in the fall, whatever that means, I already told the dealer if it arrives in November they can keep it in storage until next spring, I'm not going to blow 5 months of warranty to have the bike parked in the garage. I'm still hoping for late July or August :-)

  7. Ha-ha! Saw this one on another blog - too funny! Then I got caught up reading a bunch more on the same link! Spiders (shudders!) Fortunately most of my bug encounters have ended with a splat!