Monday, June 27, 2011

Americade 2011

I was not planning on going to Lake George for Americade this year.   I did not want to spend the few vacation days I still have left, I'm still planning a long trip sometime later in the year and most hotels/motels will not rent for one night only.   It is also very difficult to find a room for less than $200 a night.  The Central Jersey Motorcycle Riders Group had the event on the calendar and they were leaving on Wednesday and returning on Sunday.   During the Motorcycle Awareness Day event ride I found out from Ray that his room sharing partner Ken had to leave on Saturday and if I wanted I had a place to stay, apparently Ken had booked with Ray from Wednesday till Sunday but Ken had to leave on Saturday, an offer I couldn't refuse.  With everything in place for a one nighter I was ready to go and join the gang.

Lake George is 260 miles from my house, I planned on leaving at 5am and get there in four and a half hours arriving just in time to meet the group for breakfast.  I closed my garage door one minute after 5am and was soon heading north.  I knew I was going to run into rain, I had checked the weather for the weekend and there was a 70% chance in Lake George and 50% by my house, the odds were against me avoiding the rain.  I traveled north on the Garden State Parkway avoiding rain, 80 miles later I enter Interstate 87, also known as the NY State Thruway when rain drops started coming down.  I had my waterproof jacket on but was wearing jeans and knew I had to put rain pants, I make my first stop for coffee and to put on rain pants.  As you can see from the photo it had already rained heavily at the rest stop.

I continue north and for the next three and a half hours it pours on me, a constant heavy rain with spurts of torrential rain at times.  Water managed to get through my visor and ran on the inside, got through the front of the jacket and got my pants wet, it even managed to get into my right boot and turn it into a pool inside.  I had to slow down at times to keep it safe but mostly continued at 65 to 70mph all the while hoping deer wouldn't run in front of my bike.
I arrive at the Still Bay Resort just in time to meet the group already on their bikes leaving to go downtown Lake George where the vendors and everyone congregates. 
Check out these three panoramas of the Still Bay Resort and no, the tree on the last one is not crooked and the main building on the right is not tilted, the stitching application had a problem with my pictures.

We arrive downtime about 10 minutes later and the rain continues to come down, on and off throughout the day.  I take a few pictures and then head to a coffee shop for hot coffee and a muffin, I hadn't changed clothes and they were still wet leaving me miserable. Oh, the joys of motorcycling.

The group at the coffee shop waiting out the rain
The rain made the Saturday miserable for the vendors, last year it rained on Saturday too but in 2009 you would find it difficult to find an empty spot for your bike in the bike only reserved area.  This time the area was almost deserted.

We stayed at the coffee shop for a while joking and having fun at the expense of each other as guys do most of the time.  I see these two guys go by and laugh at the thought of the guy on the left wishing he had some of the hair from the other guy. Life is cruel, one has no hair, the other way too much.

The officer must have been at the donut shop :-)
We walk around the downtown area visiting shops and admiring the multitude of bikes on Canada Street.  There are lots of nice restaurants and stores selling Lake George and Americade memorabilia.  You can ride the Greater Glens Falls Transit trolley that rides up and down Canada Street, part of route 9, all the way to the town of Glens Falls.

The weather was so bad you could hardly see the other side of the lake
The gang was getting restless as the stomachs started rumbling and soon we were headed to a restaurant.  I had a nice steak sandwich loaded with peppers. I'm the one standing on the right still wearing my rain pants over my jeans, why remove them if the rain continued for most of the day.

View from the restaurant
We continue down the street admiring the bikes, lots of Harley Davidson's as usual in these types of events but I'm surprised to see more and more Japanese, British and Italian motorcycles every year.  This guy or gal must be proud of his bike.

We head back to the Still Bay to relax with a few drinks and smoke cigars.  The resort is beautifully kept, has a nice boat house and its own beach on the lake .   It's the perfect place to relax.

The next morning we have an early breakfast and start packing our bikes, time to head back.  Some of the guys had gone out the previous night to a local bar, I won't mention names but someone had way too much fun and had picked up a girlfriend.

My bike next to a side car rig
I say goodbye to Lake George and head home with two other riders, a leisurely ride home, only this time arrive dry.  Another memorable weekend.


  1. THe rubber doll looks very similar to an x girl friend.......but that is another story. Some times a one nighter is like a week away , so refreshing.

    Any news on the Tenere......or should I not ask?

  2. Nice scenery, I love the lake pano. Pity about all the rain. It makes nice, misty photos, but it's miserable to be wet all day long. Too funny...the "girlfriend". I wonder did she ride pillion on the ride home? :)

  3. Roger:
    I received a letter from Yamaha saying all bikes will be delivered before the end of August :-) It's getting closer every day ;-)

    She did ride home from what I heard ;-)
    Yea, rain does bring up the color on the photos.

  4. Dear George F:

    I have been meaning to attend "Americade" for years, and have never quite gotten around to it. I have vacationed at Lake George quite a bit from the time whwn I was 18 until I was 29, when I moved to Lake Placid. Lake George is to Lake Placid as Seaside Heights is to Tahaiti.

    But your pictures called to mind a lot of trips I've had to Lake George. I and nights I spent camping from the trunk of a car in the "Battle Grounds," at the edge of town. I have stayed at the Still Bay Resort, abd have eaten at the Sicilian Spaghetti House. I have ridden the Minnie Haha with my daughter (and mom). Does the Minnie Haha still split the morning tranquility with the calliope?

    With any degree of luck, I'll ride my bike up to the Adirondacks this symmer, and spend some time in Lake George.

    Great post.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. Jack:
    I have never been to Lake Placid but my brother has and he says it's beautiful, I guess I will have to take a trip there before the end of summer :-)
    Yes, the calliope still plays but I had too much to drink the night before to hear any music ;-)

  6. I've never been to Lake George. But did have to do a double take on the hotel as it reminded me of a special one in Maine. The scenery is wonderful, and aside from the rain, looked like a great adventure.

  7. GeorgeF: Pity about the rain. I'll bet it is beautiful in the sunshine. What luck to find a room for just a day .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  8. I've always held back from these huge rallies because large crowds freak me out! Guess you found the key. Go when it's raining hard!

    Nice report. I'm just shocked Jack didn't offer any comment about the airhead girl on the bike! Probably because she's chasing him down for child support and he wants to keep a low profile.

  9. Lori:
    Well, now you have an incentive to visit since it reminds you of something special :-) let me know when you come up, I will join you guys with my wife along. There are beautiful roads around that area and she's never ridden them with me.

    It's beautiful with rain or no rain, very mountainous and very green during the rainy season :-)

    I think Jack is being shy, NOT! Notice he's never been to Americade, he's probably afraid to run into her :-)
    I don't know about other rallies but Americade is very civilized, nice people, never seen any trouble except for when we get in trouble ;-)