Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Centerline Day ABCD

My friend Gary France had this idea/challenge for us bloggers to take a picture in the center of the road including the center line anywhere in the world but the picture had to be taken on May 1st and include the blogger.
You can read about the challenge here "USA Tour on a Harley Davidson"

So my plan was to ride to the George Washington Bridge just north of Manhattan and get a picture underneath the bridge.  The road leading down to the park is quite twisty and steep from Fort Lee in New Jersey.   The Fort Lee Historic Park is under the bridge and you can see Manhattan in the background.

I left my house with a friend and didn't get back home until almost 9pm on Sunday, May 1st which means it's already May 2nd when I finish posting this entry in the UK.
We did over 220 miles on today's ride and I will make another entry on my blog with the entire day's ride but for now I will just post the important picture.

To my disappointment when I got there after riding about 60 miles I discovered the center line had long disappeared so I'm including a picture with a fake center line on the road I'm on and also on the road above me.
 Here's my contribution to the challenge

I am happy that I was able to take the picture because there was a police man guarding the bridge and he told my friend, when he saw me walking around with a camera, that I was not allowed to take pictures by the base of the bridge, apparently because of terrorism worries.  My friend convinced him I was a nice guy.


  1. Very creative! This is just great fun, isn't it?

  2. Heh, love the yellow lines! Hello from Wales, UK. Those are some pretty amazing views you have there.

  3. Great shots. Your fake centerline is awesome, too. :-)

  4. To everyone:
    Thanks :-) Yes, it was a great idea, now I have to find the time to go read everyone's blog ;-)

  5. Love it George!!! Way to improvise!!! I had to as well, but not as well as you!! hahahaha!

  6. Great pictures! Glad your friend convinced the policeman that you were a nice guy. I can't imagine getting a phone call from a detectives' office advising that you had been detained for taking pictures. Yikes, way to give me a heart attack.

  7. I like it. Good job. Your friend did a good job convincing the police that you were OK, after all you are one of those speed loving, crazy, mean bikers aren't you - oh wait a minute - that could be me. Never mind.

  8. Eve:
    Thanks. You have great pictures with the cat ;-)

    Yes, I am, as far as the speed, but don't tell anyone ;-) specially "Fats" :-)

  9. GeorgeF:

    Like yourself, the hardest part was trying to find a street with little traffic. It is almost a 2 person project to plan a setting to do a "shoot and dash". I would imagine that your next shot will include an S10

    Riding the Wet Coast

  10. What a great idea. I love this! I think Gary is going to have a hard time choosing. They are all very good!

  11. Bob:
    I really wanted to take the picture under the bridge. I hope so, if we do this next year I better have the Tenere.

    Thank you :-) I looked at your profile but couldn't find your name, I'm sure it's in one of the comments somewhere.

    Lady R:
    Thank you :-) I agree, it's going to be tough, there's lots of great pictures.

  12. Very dramatic view of the bridge! Makes you look tiny. Very brave to take on police/homeland security and all that for the pic. That's dedication. :)

  13. Kari:
    I never knew, I saw him looking and waving but my friend was talking to him and I just ignored them :-)
    My friend told me when he came back to his bike.

  14. Two centerlines at once! Well done.

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  16. Dear George F:

    My name is Jack Riepe and I am the publisher of Twisted Roads — The blog for raw moto-dventure and romance like broken glass. I saw your picture beneath the the George Washington Bridge, and I gasped.

    As a kid growing up in Jersey City, I used to ride my ten-speed bike up River Road (from North Bergen, NJ), and down along the Hudson River in Palisades Interstate Park. I keenly remember having lunch at the base of the bridge, and the thrill of coasting down the road at the foot of the cliffs. It is y intention to take a ride like this — with my BMW K75 — this summer.

    Thanks for the great memory jolt.

    May I link to your blog on my list of preferred "blog" destinations?

    Jack Riepe
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  17. Ken:
    Thanks. I wanted a center line on the road I'm in and I was going to put the fake one above but unfortunately it was gone :-(

    I have been following your blog for a long time and have made a few comments on more than one entry, I'm pretty sure. I enjoy your stories and your sense of humor, you write very well. English is not my native language by the way. I love the way you use words and my wife has seen me laughing on multiple occasions and looks at me with that look "it can't be good whatever you reading" which I'm sure you would recognize too. It would be an honor to be listed on your blog and when you come this way let me know, I will take a ride there with you. I live in Jackson, home of the Great Adventure Park and the former "Tiger Lady" :-)

  18. Great pics, New Jersey DOT should hire you to paint the center lanes lol, they say timing is every thing, well I'm glad I was there when I was! I enjoy riding with you and meeting the rest of your Friends, looking forward to riding with you again .....

  19. Dan:
    DOT couldn't hire me, I would finish the job too quickly for them ;-) that wouldn't be good for the Fat Kats. See you soon on another ride.

  20. I suddenly have this urge to ride upside down and make like a bat!

  21. Thanks for the shout out to my blog on this one. I'm so flattered *blush*

    I wanted to get out and do the centerline thing... but I didn't. I think it was laziness, but I can't remember for sure. Cool entry, though, I wouldn't have thought to get under the road. (Very cool bridge by the way.)

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life