My other sites

Sailing with George - YouTube sailing channel

Sailing with George - Instagram - Sailing Adventure

Sailing with George - Facebook - Page for sailing and motorcycle adventure

Where's George Adventure - Instagram - Motorcycle Adventure

George F Photography - Instagram - where all other photos go

George Ferreira - 500px photo site

George F1 - Pinterest - Interesting ideas

Speed Galore Tumblr - Pictures and comments from the road

Amazing Portraits Tumblr - Collection of portraits I find beautiful

Flickr  - For the special photos (no longer being used)

My Favorite sites:

Adventure Rider - Ride the World

CJMRG - Friends to ride

Sport-Touring - It’s the ride….not the destination

Motorcycle Roads - America’s bestguide

Moto Treks - Motorcycle travel and adventures

Adventure Bike Rider - Magazine