Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ténéré 700 World Raid

Last year Yamaha teased us with the T7 Ténéré concept and the media went crazy.  Every website and magazine article talked about the possibilities a smaller Ténéré could bring to the "adventure" crowd.   The competition already had smaller adventure motorcycles in the 700/800 class but Yamaha was still pushing the very old 660cc Ténéré.   Another year has gone by and while everyone expected Yamaha to announce a production model for 2018, a new concept was announced instead.   What a disappointment at least on my part.  This time we get the Ténéré 700 World Raid.

Courtesy of Yamaha
Don't get me wrong, the World Raid is a beautiful concept and I think Yamaha is going in the right direction but, come one Yamaha, by the time you finally release this model the competition will have taken over the market in this range.   Maybe Yamaha is just waiting to sell all the Super Ténéré before they announce the new model but I believe there's a market for both models and the wait will do more harm than good to Yamaha.

Using the rugged rally-inspired character of the original T7 concept bike and using the information gained from intensive testing of the T7 during 2017, Yamaha developed this prototype model which is being used to develop the final specification of the production model. 
The 700 World Raid prototype uses the same highly acclaimed 689cc 2-cylinder crossplane concept engine that has been used in the popular MT-07.

Test riders will be riding the Ténéré 700 World Raid around the world throughout 2018 as part of a “World Raid Tour but there's still no word on a production bike in sight.


  1. It looks very cool. Much better in the offroad stuff than the S10 but I know what I'd rather have the big bike for extended tours. It is a crying shame that they didn't use the triple as that is a lovely engine with plenty of poke and smoother than both the twins. It would have stolen S10 and Triumph sales...

    I'm enjoying the S10 enough to keep it long term or perhaps look at a Gen 3 if/when that happens...

    The 700 might have KTM worried though...although they do have a parallel twin coming too. I'd rather have Yamaha reliability any day and don't want a big single.

    1. Yes, for extended tours on mostly decent roads the S10 is probably better but for gnarly off-roading a lighter bike would be better special for me at 5'10" and being only 155lbs. For now I will stick to my trusty S10, still looks brand new. Maybe after my upcoming trip in a year or two I will look into it

  2. I've learned not to get overly excited about new bike announcements as we rarely see them come stateside. I always hoped Yamaha would bring the Tenere 660 here to compete with Suzuki's VStrom 650, but no; nor am I holding my breath for the T7. The FJ-09 came close, but missed the mark by not putting a 19" front wheel on it.
    My Tiger is still going strong, but it is 13 years old and I'm sure I'd appreciate the new technology on the latest bikes. I revisited the S10 today and I may have to take it for a test ride soon.

    1. Go on, you know you want one Brad...

    2. Yea, the 660 is apparently an amazing bike even though it's old tech. Yamaha stopped selling the 660 in Brazil already where it has a huge following so the T7 is definitely happening and I believe it will be coming to the States too. For me it's too late, maybe in 2020 I can buy a used one already. My Super is still like new even though it's 7 years old already