Monday, November 24, 2014

USS Texas

I have loved military equipment since I was a kid.   My dad had lots of WWII books and loved to build model airplanes from both world wars, I definitely got it from him.  I enjoy visiting military installations, museums and see military shows and if my route takes me near a museum I will go out of my way to visit.  The USS Texas was on my way north from Galveston and a visit had been in the cards for a while.
The USS Texas (BB-35) is a New York-class battleship. The ship was launched on 18 May 1912 and commissioned on 12 March 1914.  The ship celebrated 100 years recently.  It's an impressive battleship.  Wiki

Texas '​s main battery consisted of ten 14 inch/45 cal Mark 1 guns, which could fire 1,400 lb (640 kg) armor piercing shells to a range of 13 mi (21 km).  There are 5 turrets with two guns each.

The Texas was the first US battleship to mount anti-aircraft guns

Her secondary battery consisted of twenty-one 5 inch/51 cal (127 mm) guns mounted inside the ship

Everywhere you turn on this ship there's a gun.  Big guns, small guns, single barrel, dual barrel.

After walking all over on the outside including climbing to the highest accessible place I descended to the cavernous inside of the ship.  In contrast to the USS Alabama, which had cabins for the men, on the Texas it seems bunks were installed wherever there was empty space with men eating or working and sleeping in the same area.

One of the bakeries

It was getting late, I had spent too much time photographing and reading and now it was time to head north towards Dallas.  I leave the USS Texas and continue my way north not yet sure where I will stop.  It's about 265 miles to Dallas, about 4.5 hours.  I will ride until it gets dark and then find a motel for the night.


  1. Well, I can't really say I'm a military buff - might be a boy thing, toy soldiers and all that. But I would love to explore that ship. We toured one years ago and it was fascinating. It wasn't a battle ship, nor as big, but just cool how everything is built in/designed.

  2. Very cool. While I am not a military buff per se, I do have a fascination with their large ships. I always find it awe inspiring to tour a battle ship or aircraft carrier. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. I grew up exploring the Texas, my grandparents lived about 10 minutes away (I'm not counting the ferry ride to get there), and it was a ritual when we'd go visit to see that and the San Jacinto Monument. When my dad was a kid, you could climb on the guns - I've seen pics of him sitting on one and my uncle on an other.