Sunday, November 2, 2014


I spent the night in a motel about half way between Mobile and the Mississippi border and didn't take me long before I had covered the 15 miles and entered the welcome center.  Only stopped to get a photo for my records and soon was back on the road following route 90 west towards Pascagoula.

From the border to Biloxi is only 33 miles and soon I was entering Biloxi stopping when I saw the wonderful Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art buildings.  The Museum celebrates the innovative, independent and creative spirit of Mississippi master potter George Ohr.   I was immediately impressed by the size of the "Southern live oaks".   These 2 to 300 year old trees are native to the southeastern United States.  A few were downed during the recent hurricane.

Look at my Super Tenere in the background, looks so tiny .  A typical open-grown tree reaches 20 meters (60 feet) in height, with a limb spread of nearly 27 meters (80 feet).  Their lower limbs often sweep down towards the ground before curving up again.

A little further down the road I stop when I see the beautiful visitor center and the famous Biloxi Light.  There's a very long fishing pier right in front and I first head there for a few photos. 

Biloxi Light is a lighthouse adjacent to the Mississippi Sound of the Gulf of Mexico. The lighthouse has been kept by female keepers for more years than any other lighthouse in the United States. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and declared a Mississippi Landmark in 1987. Wiki

After a quick tour of the visitor center I sat on the nice chairs outside and waited for another visitor to arrive, I needed a photographer to get my photo, a nice old lady took my photo.  It was a hot day, temperature close to 90 degrees.

I then headed towards city center where the big casinos are located.  After parking the bike, I grabbed the camera and walked around admiring the beautiful homes and city hall. 

These two restaurants looked pretty good but I had had a good breakfast and usually skip lunch when riding.

I walked around town visiting a few shops, stopped for a cup of coffee and was introduced to the famous Biloxi Beignets.  Beignet is the French term for a pastry made from deep-fried choux paste and are commonly known in New Orleans as a breakfast served with powdered sugar on top.   I was told by the coffee shop lady that her's were slightly different but just as good.  They were delicious.  After my snack I walk towards the casinos but first make a stop along the water by the docks which are right next to the Hard Rock Casino. 


  1. George, the museum is quite an interesting building so unlike the typical southern architecture. I remember the ride along the gulf coast from New Orleans to Florida but I didn't get the chance to stop at Biloxi ... What I remember more were the bridges, everywhere bridges! Love the photo of the Capt. Danny ... reflections and rust!

    1. Thank you for reading Vstar. Yes, lots of bridges which makes for an interesting ride specially if you on local roads instead of the highway. I love the boat picture too, have more of other boats but it's always a challenge what to include on the post. I always take too many photos but I love to share them. Too many places to visit and not enough time to see it all. I love when ride reports have lots of photos.