Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

2016 was not a good year for me as far as motorcycle riding and 2017 is not looking good either.  I didn't do any long rides and I think I only ventured outside of New Jersey on my motorcycle a couple of times last year. It seems every year I hope the following year will be good for long distance motorcycle adventures but life has other ideas.  The lack of vacation time, work schedule, lack of money or family issues always conspire to change my plans.  I made one post at the beginning of 2016 and that was it for my blog. I started 2016 with great expectation but the year quickly turned into a bad year when my mom go very sick.

My beautiful mom in good health a few years ago and with me on Mother's Day 2016, just months before she found out she was sick.


In June 2016 I went to Portugal with my dad to take care of a few important things and returned on July 4th, Independence Day landing in Newark at 3.30pm, unfortunately I was one hour too late, my mom had passed away at 2.30pm, at home with my wife and my brother at her side.  I knew she was very sick when we left but never expected to turn so bad so quickly, it was a shock which I'm still recovering from.  I have always been very closed when it comes to showing my feelings, I keep them bottled up to myself but it does have a detrimental effect on my life and I'm sure it affects the way I interact with family and friends.  It has now been a little over a year, my mom is now resting in peace in Portugal with her sister and mom.

It has been a long sad road but life goes on, I'm still here, in good health, working and planning future motorcycle trips.  I have been planning for a major trip for over a year all the while trying to save as much money as possible.  I rarely go out on the motorcycle with friends because after adding up gas and food I always end up spending thirty to fifty bucks on a weekend and that will equal a day or two on the road of my future adventure.  Unlike a lot of adventurers that sell everything before embarking on long distance trips, I have to think about my family and a way to keep my home life going.  Property taxes are not cheap in New Jersey, for every month I plan on spending on the road I will have to keep aside almost $1000 for my property taxes.  Then there's the other expenses, water, electricity, gas and insurance to name a few and someone will have to take care of the lawn and the pool.  There's also college expenses from my son and for my daughter which will be a junior in college this year.  I'm driving an old SUV in order to save money and it will have to do until at least next year.  My wife is driving a nine year old car and I'm glad she can wait until later for a new car.  I would love to buy another motorcycle, maybe a Yamaha R1, the motorcycle I have always dreamed of, but that will just have to wait, life in NJ is expensive.

Too may obstacles along the way, I could just give up on my plans and settle for a mediocre life but that has never been me. I enjoy a good challenge and taking careful and planned risks to overcome any obstacle.  The calculator in my brain has been running into overdrive lately trying to put everything in place but I believe where there's a will there will be a way.  I have always loved this quote:

"There's nothing like a dream to create a future - Victor Hugo"
Why can't I do what I really, really want to do? Why settle when I can challenge myself to an amazing adventure and live an extraordinary life?

That first step has been taken and plans are underway for a much longer trip outside of the USA. I will continue this blog for my USA trips but I have created a new blog since it will no longer be about Riding The USA only. New Facebook page and Instagram account have been created. The countdown counter on the new blog started with almost 500 days to go but is already showing less than 365 days to go.

Soon I will announce my plans and my new blog.  I will put a link on this blog to the new blog and I hope you will follow me there. I thank you for your support and patience, I promise it will be worthwhile.

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step - Lao Tzu"


  1. Sorry to hear of your mother's passing. it sounds like you had a wonderful relationship and her passing left a scar on your soul that is only healing slowly. I hope that you will find new joy and that your dreams will come true. Good luck and happy trails. SonjaM

  2. My sympathies to you also. I look forward to reading about your new dream, in your new blog. Take care.

    1. Thank you. I've been dreaming for too long, it was time to put the plan in action

  3. I am intrigued about your new adventure, but I was sorry to hear of your mother's passing. It is never easy to lose a parent.

    1. Thank you. It's never easy but this is worse since it happened on the 4th of July, a celebration day.

  4. Hi George
    Firstly my condolences to you on the passing of your mother. Sad times indeed.
    I had noticed your blog was a little bare but thats what happens when life gets in the way.

    I noticed your dream bike is an R1. I wonder why this is the case when I look at your blog, its a pretty impractical bike and very uncomfortable. You cant ride more than 400miles without thinking your going to set the seat on fire it can get that uncomfortable. I should know, I have 2 a 2000 and a 2015 model. The Crossplane engine is an absolute beast, sounds like Rossis M1 and goes almost like it as well so that side is fun.

    I‘ve enjoyed following your trips especially the Alaska trip and others and now wait in anticipation of your new adventures. If you are ever in Sydney Australia drop me a message via my blog and I’ll show you round this neck of the woods.



    The Road to Nowhere

    1. Thank you Steve, indeed, very sad times but life has to go on.
      The reason for the R1 is because I have always loved speed, the adrenalin rush one gets is intoxicating. I had a 500HP Mustang Cobra I took to the track a few times a year and loved it. I have been on famous race tracks like Watkins Glenn, Lime Rock and at the Poconos International Raceway as well as some other local tracks. I still have my 400HP Cadillac CTS-V but I will be selling to finance my next trip. I would keep the Super Tenere even if I bought an R1. The R1 would be just for fun and short rides. Like you say, the Crossplane engine sound is intoxicating too. The R1 will just stay a dream, right now I'm saving for my trip. I would definitely love to go ride in Australia, been following other riders and I'm friends with Sherri Jo Wilkins on Facebook, beautiful riding areas in Australia. Maybe one day.