Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 26.3 - Stewart - Salmon Glacier

These photos are from my Alaska trip.  After arriving in Stewart, British Columbia, I continued into Alaska and the town of Hyder, there is no border crossing.  The plan was to head up the mountain to visit the Salmon Glacier.  Hyder is the easternmost town in Alaska and is a very small town with less than 100 people living there.

Part of the glacier seen on the way up.  Slamon Glacier is about 20 miles north of Hyder

Getting close to the top

Found this giant Mercedes truck/RV at the top.  The owners were a German couple that have been traveling around the world.

Salmon Glacier as it drops to the left towards Hyder

Facing west and towards the center of the Glacier at the summit point.

To the right of the Glacier  

In front of me there's a drop of at least 1000 feet.

Relaxing at the summit and enjoying the view

One last photo of the bike at the summit point


  1. Great pics of the Glacier. I wonder how much it has shrunk since then. Lets hope not much.

  2. Excellent photos George! I like that big RV, looks like that will go anywhere.

  3. Thank you Trobairitz, Richard and Andrew.
    Yea, the RV is great but is also almost half a million dollars and then it's expensive to ship around the world.