Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 25.1 - Whitehorse - Dease Lake

These photos are from my Alaska trip and cover the return from Whitehorse, Yukon through Jade City, British Columbia and ending up somewhere on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway.
I had spend the night at a campsite in Whitehorse planning on changing the oil on my bike.  A friend I had met during the Super Tenere event had invited me to stop at his house on the way down from Alaska. I got up early, went straight to a Walmart and after picking up 5 qt of oil, I headed to his place.  After a quick oil change in his garage I left Whitehorse and continued south picking up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway.

Near Teslin and one of the bridges over Teslin Lake

This is a display bear at a stop along the way, I believe it's a Grizzly Bear

The dark spot in the middle of the lake caught my eye

It was a black bear crossing the lake

I followed him until he came out on the other side

There's a saying up north that "you never pass gas", this is why, a closed gas station

There are lots of bridges on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

Stunning scenery along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

I came upon an accident and the road was blocked.   A car transporter had rolled on its side and required two huge tow trucks to pull him out.   The accident had happened hours earlier and had left the road blocked for hours.  I was lucky that I only had to wait about one hour for them to remove him.  I arrived as they were starting to roll the truck up, real professionals and amazing job these guys do.   Lots of damage on the right side of the truck and cars.  

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