Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Helmet

The planning for the third Yamaha Super Tenere gathering started as soon as the last one ended in Ouray, Colorado.  Tabasco and Karson, the hosts, had done a great job getting everybody together in one of the most beautiful riding areas in the country and now for 2014 they have outdone themselves.  This year's get together is in Marble Falls, Arkansas, an area in the Ozarks that offers amazing roads for motorcycle enthusiasts.

After one of my earlier posts, I was contacted by a representative from Motorcycle House ( to see if I needed anything for my trip.  At first I was surprised, no one had ever contacted me about my trips, but I told them I would look into it as soon as I started putting my list of equipment together.  A few weeks ago I am making my list and realize my Scorpion helmet, the helmet with the gold shield that I have made famous in so many photos is now well over 5 years old.  The inside material is worn out badly and there are a few scratches on the outside.  Nothing major but since the rule of thumb is generally around a 5 year max life expectancy for a helmet, maybe it's time I replace it.  The five-year replacement recommendation is based on a consensus by both helmet manufacturers and the Snell Foundation.
I got in touch with Motorcycle House and was asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Vega helmets.  I agreed and went about searching for a helmet for my upcoming trip.
There were a few things I was looking for in a new helmet.  I was tired of the black look and wanted something with a little color, it needed to be as light as possible, as I tend to spend a lot of hours on the seat, an internal drop down sunshield is a must and lastly and more important it must look cool on my head.  The last requirement is a joke obviously, you should never buy a helmet because it looks cool.
After some research, I settled on the Vega Stealth F117 with the blue accent, the blue being Yamaha's color.

After checking the size of my Scorpion, I contacted Motorcycle House and asked to be sent a "large" F117.   I eagerly waited for the arrival and 3 days later the helmet was at my door.   I opened the box and was glad to see the helmet in a cloth bag inside a cardboard box which was in turn inside another cardboard box.  I quickly try it on and to my disappointment it felt way too tight.  I think if you pick 5 helmets from different helmet manufacturers they will all be different sizes.
I contacted Motorcycle House and after explaining my dilemma, the departure date was getting closer and Motorcycle House's offices are in Walnut, California, they quickly got to work.  They contacted the manufacturer, I was asked to ship the helmet back and a few days later I had an "Extra Large" at my door shipped directly from the manufacturer.   It was a quick turnaround.
Maybe my head got bigger as I aged, maybe the padding is a little thicker, maybe a slight variation in shape but know I have a helmet that fits and I'm ready for my trip.

I am very happy with Motorcycle House, the staff was very courteous and the service outstanding.  I promised them I will review the helmet at the end of the trip, the 16 days riding with it will give me plenty to talk about, good or bad.
Motorcycle House ( has a large selection of riding gear for all types of bikes and also manufacture and sell their own equipment for cruisers through Viking Bags (  If you are in need of anything give them a call, you will not be disappointed with the service.

The bike is now packed and ready for tomorrow's departure.


  1. Love that picture of the falls. So beautiful. Enjoy your helmet and the trip. I will be looking forward to your trip report and more pictures.

  2. Love the waterfall pic. Nice looking helmet. Ron's helmet has a drop down sunshield and I've always thought that's a great option. Wish mine had one. Enjoy your trip! Looks like a nice one.

  3. Looks like a fantastic trip ahead of you ... glad you got the new helmet in time. Am looking forward to your report.

  4. George,

    Looking forward to seeing some great photos of your adventure. Ride safe and have fun!

    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy.

  5. Nice waterfall in the photo! I like the blur…

    And nice to get a new helmet just in time for your trip. I was wondering where the Super Tènèrè gathering was this year.

  6. George, you should be well on your way by now. Have a goodtime and enjoy your new helmet. I love new gear!

    Sash ~ The Rude Biker Chick
    See Sash Videos!

  7. Thanks to everyone. I'm currently a few miles west of Mobile, Alabama. Have fun and seeing beautiful places. Really enjoyed Panama Beach, Pensacola Beach and the coast going west all the way to Mobile.