Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tina and Steve

+Steve Johnson  and +Tina Walker left San Diego in April on a 6 month road trip with no set destination and no plan, other than riding across the USA.  A trip of self discovery or as they say "we're now running to find ourselves.  They call their blog "Road Pickle" and  I have been following them on the blog and Google Plus pages since they started the trip.
Last week they were riding up the east coast and this week they are staying in Newark, Delaware.  We got in touch and decided to meet in Pennsylvania.  +Rania Madanat, a mutual friend organized a meeting point and invited a few other riders to join us.  The weather wasn't cooperating and as we met at 12pm, clouds were gathering and looking very threatening.  Rania showed up with Todd as some others dropped out of the ride on account of the weather.
We head out after the introductions and make a stop for lunch and good conversation at "The Four Dogs Tavern" in West Chester, PA.

I had a great crab cake sandwich and downed it with ice tea while the others enjoyed the local beer.

Soon it felt like we had known each other for a long time, the conversation turned to our adventures and motorcycles life as it usually does when bikers get together.  Steve and I talked about Alaska and various other places we have both been to while others pitched in with their adventures.
As the saying goes, "time flies when you having fun" and soon it was time to leave.  We all looked outside, the sky was getting darker by the minute and decided to hit the road.  I had a long way to my mom's place, she had invited me for dinner and my wife was already there waiting for me.

We say our goodbyes but before leaving we plan another meeting for next weekend.  I leave the parking lot and within a mile rain starts.  I stop to put on the rain gear and then continue.  Later, as I cross the bridge into New Jersey the rain is coming down really hard, torrential rain that starts causing floods on exits ramps off the highways.  Visibility was probably less than 100 feet.  The exit from I295 to route 70 was flooded, cars stopped on both sides of the ramp afraid to cross the flooded area.  I have a tall bike, water was not going to stop me, as I crossed the worst part fast running water was going over my boots.  I made it safely across and continued on, leaving cars stranded in the background.
I went from West Chester, just west of Philadelphia to Manchester in New Jersey, right through the red shaded area were most of the flooding was occurring.

I crossed the bright red spot in the middle of this map

I made safely to my mom's place, but water had managed to get through the top of the rain jacket and down my back and chest, I was soaked.  Water had also managed to get into my boots and soon it was a puddle inside the boots.  Luckily my dad is about my size and I was able to borrow a t-shirt and shorts while I dried my clothes.  Later as I headed home more rain came down but it was light and didn't cause any problems, besides, my boots and socks were still soaked, it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

Road Pickle
Steve Johnson
Tina “Sash” Walker
Rania Madanat

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