Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Favourite Five

My friend Roger and fellow blogger from Auckland, New Zealand, recently posted a challenge on his blog  “All Things Rogey!” for us to post the 5 favorites pictures of 2011.
The rules are:
Post your five favourite photos of 2011.  Tell us why you like them.  It could just be you like the pic or it could be more personal or of great meaning to you.  The only rule is that you have to have been the one who took them, and there must be at least one of you
I take a lot of pictures but I decided to post pictures that have a special meaning to me in 2011, not necessarily good pictures, just special.   It was difficult to select the 5 photos but here are mine and why they are special to me.
In order of occurrence.

This one is special because in 2011 I celebrated my 50th birthday.  It was super special because I was able to celebrate with high school friends I hadn't seen in 26 years. My friend Mario on the left also celebrated his birthday, 49th, 9 days before me. We left NY on a cruise to the Caribbean on his birthday and had my party 9 days later as we left the Caribbean on the return trip.  My wife surprised me with this special dinner in one of the gourmet restaurants on the ship, she even managed to get authorization to decorate the corner table in the restaurant.

This one is special because my son turned 21 and we were able to have our first beer together.  He is attending college and I'm sure it was not the first beer he had but at least it was the first beer I paid for and he was legally allowed to have it.

My beautiful daughter graduated middle school and is now in high school, I'm getting old...
She's an adorable young lady but still dad's girl.  To see her in the red gown accepting the diploma was very special.

My first adventure off-road on my new Yamaha Super Ténéré.  As you all know I waited a long time for this bike and I bought it exactly for these kind of roads.  It was only a short ride off-road to test the capabilities of the traction control and ABS but it was nevertheless special to me.  I just love this photo. I plan on going to Alaska with this bike and have lots of plans for the future.

Technically I took this picture since I was alone and put the camera on top of a wooden pole I saw on the side of the road.  Timer counts, doesn't it?  I just love this photo because it represents what I love most, the spirit of adventure, not knowing what's around the corner.  I'm always prepared to discover new things and places and I hope the future will allow me to do lots of adventures.  Now if I could convince my wife to get an adventure bike too, life would be perfect.


  1. Great photos George, This is what i was looking for, not just great photos, but photos that mean some thing. Great looking kids too mate....obviously there mother is a stunner hence there good looks.

  2. @Roger
    Thank you, I will let my wife read your comment, you just made her day :-)

  3. Nice! I wanna ride those roads on the DL!

  4. Lovely, I cried of course... Love you lots

  5. Wonderful photos. Good choices. It is nice to see the family photos mixed in with the motorcycle photos.

    Does your wife like jewelry? Maybe you can find her a nice sparkly white adventure bike and you can name it diamond.....

  6. Great stuff, you obviously picked what is important in life for you: family and riding. Happy holidays, George!

  7. @Trobairitz
    Thank you. Of course she likes jewelry, don't all woman? ;-) You think I can find a bike, white of course like yours and glue a diamond to the tank?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and everybody reading my blog :-)

  8. Nice pictures George, your daughter certainly is beautiful and you're lucky to have them nearby, unfortunately our two (also a son and a daughter) both live in the UK and we only see them and our two beautiful grandsons about once a year, not a good situation.

  9. Great pix, it's obvious that you value your family highly. Good for you!

  10. @Andrew
    Thank you, you made her day :-)
    I know what you mean, when we moved to the US my parents and my wife's were living in Portugal and we only saw them once a year. Her parents passed away, my parents have been retired now for a few years and have since moved to the US, they are now US citizens too. Maybe you should move to the UK and start touring Europe ;-)