Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting & Waiting

Yamaha, please bring the bikes to the USA as soon as possible, preferably no later than May as promised.
There are a lot of adventure riders waiting and with videos like this one coming out all the time it's becoming torture to most of us that have put a deposit on the bike but haven't had a chance to test ride it.
I know at least two of my followers are on the fence about getting a Super Ténéré.
Yes, you guys know you want one and after watching this video you will want it even more, time to ditch the oil burner and the pretend adventure bike, ha ha, you know who I am talking about.
Watch the video in 720p HD if you can.


  1. Neat Vid George, it must be very frustrating waiting for the bike, May seems a long way away. I am looking forward to hearing all about it though.

  2. Nice video. Only a couple more short months to go. By then, even our snow may be mostly gone....

  3. I reckon I outta first fess up that I didn't check out the vid nor did I even read a damn thing while stoppin' by here today. I really came by just to tell ya that I like yer taste in music (I just went 'n peeked at yer now u can go tell yer daughter that MDJ said *U* certainly ain't one of them looooooosers! LOL)

  4. You guys are just gonna torture one another till that bike shows up aren't you! Nice vid, and I truly hope Yamaha doesn't keep you all waiting too long! :)

  5. Roger, Richard:
    I'm not too happy right now, on the ADV site everyone saying the bikes are not getting here until June or July :-(

    I have not heard from the other two ;-) they must be out putting the deposit on the bike :-)

    Thanks for your honesty :-) I promise you will never see one of those mirror shots you Bi*ch about ;-)

  6. MDJean:
    I have a tripod :-) ha ha

  7. Drool...Give me the bike AND the desert riding! I'm not sure I feel happy or sad if there is a delay...since you continue to torture me. OK...I really do feel sad if there is one. :( I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  8. Thanks Lori :-)
    I would love to take a ride across a desert too :-)

  9. I wish we had more bikes in the US from other zones. I guess they figure we need big displacement rigs to compete with the huge, open road we've got here, but there are a lot of places where some of the smaller, or just plain interesting bikes from other zones would do well. Too bad.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  10. Saw one two-up and loaded touring the West Coast of the South Island 3 days ago...

  11. Brady:
    Yamaha sells a beautiful and smaller XTZ660 all over the world but not here. Bike is perfect for adventure, small and light. Check it out:

    I just checked pictures on the web, looks nice, never been there :-(

  12. GeorgeF:

    Dear Yamaha:

    I hope you delay the introduction of your superb Super Tenere to North America. I was thinking that it should be a 2012 model which you could start shipping over in the Spring of 2012 for then I won't have to keep thinking about it and wondering whether I should or shouldn't get one of these.

    In the meantime continue to dazzle us with your photos and videos of the Tenere "in action"

    thank you, love

    Riding the Wet Coast

  13. Bob:
    It is a 2012 model :-) and you know you want one ;-)
    In the mean time I will be posting videos I find on the web ;-)
    If you want to see nice or interesting bike photos go to my other site here: