Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting a Blog Legend

I have been following a number of blogs for a while and there's one that has become a legend in the motorcycle blog world.  This particular blogger has completed a dream trip which came to an end within the last few days.

I find out he's passing through New York on his way home so I shoot him an e-mail and invite him for a drink and dinner and soon had a reply in my inbox.  We agree to meet in NY in Times Square.

I leave work and head into NY catching a train into Penn Station and then walking the rest of the way to Times Square.  I'm standing in front of the hotel waiting for him to arrive and as soon as he gets out of the cab I'm greeted with a big smile and a firm handshake. He goes up to his room, dropping his bags and then meets me downstairs again.  We walk out into Times Square and quickly pick Havana Central for dinner off one of the side streets. Neither of us had ever had Cuban food.  Funny thing, we both pick the same special, a medium rare steak piled with Shrimp and Calamari on top, the nice waitress informing us it's a Cuban specialty. It was pretty unusual but also very tasty.  We have a few Mojitos and spend time chatting about our trips for a while.  We share a lot in common, our age, only two years apart, the love for motorcycles and long distance touring and to my surprise he is a diver too.  He is a truly nice guy and a legend.  I hope he continues blogging on his new adventures.  We walk out of the restaurant and head towards the center of Times Square, the lights and TV screens shinning ever brighter.

We take a few shots but I will leave you only with this one for your imagination.  We are standing in the middle of Times Square and our image is up on the Forever 21 screen with the young lady looking down on us, I'm the one taking the picture with him standing next to me.  I will not mention who he is for now but anyone want to take a guess?


  1. I hate to be a spoiler... but it's GARY!!

    I've been following his blog as well, and you pegged it right when you called him a blogging legend. I think quite a few of us riders followed his adventure with envy.

    I just wish Gary could have dropped as far south as Alabama. It would have been awesome to be one of his contact points as he toured our country.

    Congratulations on meeting our infamous traveler. (Dinner sounded good, too, BTW)

  2. It was Gary, of course! Glad you guys meet. I have been following both of your journeys and was wondering not if but when you two would could run into each other (not literally...). Great pics, especially like that last one. And you description of the Cuban food made me hungry now...

  3. Of course you are both right :-) I was so glad he was coming through NY and when he said he would love dinner I was thrilled. We had a nice chat over dinner. I will post pictures later, I will wait for Gary to get back home so he can read what I posted. He's now on the way home having left JFK airport this afternoon.

  4. That's really cool, George! I like the way that worked out - you guys meeting in Times Square for dinner on the night before he flew out after an amazing adventure. Well done!

  5. Well George I had to come visit you after I saw Gary's post on meeting you. Where have I been!!?? All my friends are visiting here! I would have known too for sure! I LOVE the picture of the picture of you both on the Forever 21 cool!! It's nice to meet you!

  6. Mike: Thanks, it was a pleasure meeting someone I had been following for a while.

    Eve: Thanks for visiting and I hope you stay :-) The Forever 21 sign is pretty cool, during the day the girl actually plays with the people.