Monday, September 13, 2010

Freemansburg Motorcycle Hill Climb

When my friend Wayne called on Saturday about a trip to Freemansburg in Pennsylvania for a motorcycle event on Sunday, what was I supposed to say? of course I would join him, it must be fun to see nitro powered motorcycles go up a hill I said. The event was the Freemansburg Motorcycle Hill Climb and the ad said "Nitro Burning Speed, Spills, & Excitement!"
The weather didn't look good when I got up on Sunday but a few drops were not going to stop me.  I joined my brother, Wayne and his friend Jack at the KatManDu nightclub in Trenton and then the four of us headed north on route 29 along the Delaware river past Lambertville and crossing into Pennsylvania in Frenchtown.  We pickup route 32 on the west side of the river and continue north along the river.  We later take route 212 and 412  towards Freemansburg arriving at the event moments after it had started.
We dismount our bikes, remove our helmets and immediately smelled nitro, that funny smell so familiar to race fans.  It was lunch time, we headed to the food area and we all had a pulled pork sandwich.  We sat down to have our lunch where we could see the bikes going up the very steep hill.  Our friend Jack mentions the perogies are really good and we all quickly buy a box of perogies each to add to our diet.

When I first looked at the hill I couldn't believe anyone could climb up the hill, never mind on a motorcycle but these guys are pros and seem to do it with ease.   Hill climbing is not for the faint of heart, riders attempt to conquer a 500 foot hill ending in a near vertical incline with a plethora of nitro and alcohol powered bikes.  The hill consists of four jumps and a near vertical finish and the fastest riders do it in less than 10 seconds.  We spend most of the afternoon watching the riders attempting to climb the hill some with more success than others.

On the way out we stop to admire some beautiful custom bikes.

We leave the event and head south stopping in Frenchtown for some well deserved coffee as it had been miserably rainy and cold most of the day.  We sat outside during a break in the weather enjoying our cup of coffee and bantering about motorcycles. It's funny how there's always motorcycle stories to recount when we get together.
We leave Frenchtown after 6pm and continue south on route 29 until I split up from the others, my friends continuing south on I295 while I took I195 east towards Jackson.


  1. Wow! That is amazing. What a ride!!

  2. These are not just dirt bikes, some of them are nitro powered 1000cc 4 cylinder bikes with special tires.

  3. Very Cool!
    I always look forward to another entry in your blog.