Monday, March 12, 2018


My Yamaha Super Tenere has very good running lights with a nice spread on the road in front and excellent high beams projecting far on the road ahead.  I also like that the headlights consists of two side by side bulbs offering redundancy if one bulb goes out.  Some motorcycles use one light as running light and the second as a high beam.    I'm happy and confident I will be seen during the day with this setup and if ever caught riding at night I have enough light to turn the night into day ahead of me.

As it came from the factory

The problem with motorcycles for cage drivers is that most see right through the one headlight at cars coming further down the road and often cut in front of motorcycles.  The usual response after an accident is that they never saw the motorcycle coming.  The best way to enhance the front of the motorcycle is to create a triangle of light.  There are various ways to mount lights, some riders mount them up high almost next to the headlight, others mount them at the bottom by the front wheel hub but both options do not create a good triangle.  I decided to mount mine on the crash bars but in a way that if I drop the bike it won't damage them.  They are set up through a relay to be ON all the time when the engine is running but I wired them through a switch on the console so I can turn them off if needed.

Under the headlights I also mounted a set of Rigid Industries quad LED lights connected to the high beams through a relay and fuse just to be on the safe side.   The Rigid are extremely bright and project a spot far down the road.  I can't use the Rigid when following other cars but since they are connected with the high beam they are usually off.   The four extra sets of lights are all LED and even when all are switched ON they draw a negligible amount of power.  The two running lights are very bright and I have had to switch them off at night when in slow traffic and following another car closely.
Low beams and extra set of lights

High beams and all lights on


  1. Let there be light I say...

    We're not allowed to run extra running lights over here - although some do. I can't quite understand the logic around it.

    But I do love the Denali's I've put on the Tenere. They don't get a huge amount of use but I use them whenever I can. And I figure they will outlast the Tenere and be usable on whatever bike I may have in the future.

    1. What? no extra running lights? WTH? I don't understand the logic behind it. Are cars allowed to have spot lights added?

  2. Make a triangle of light - they wouldn't cut off a freight train......or would they?

  3. I always think extra lights are worth it. I seem to notice a difference. The high beam pic is very nice!

    1. Yes, I think extra running lights help a lot. I think the last two photos were taken with my phone thus the weird halo



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